Providing equal opportunities for all vendors and suppliers is a priority for Horseshoe Baltimore and we are committed to procuring goods and services from a diversified pool of vendors, contractors and professional service providers.

As construction continues, we will need qualified design and construction companies to help breathe new life into the Horseshoe Baltimore Casino, helping to bring the Legend to the legendary city of Baltimore.

Diversity &  Inclusion

Caesars Entertainment is committed to conducting business responsibly by providing employees and supporting businesses with equal opportunities for growth and contribution under the direction of its diversity and inclusion department. Caesars approaches diversity and inclusion in parallel paths, through traditional representational diversity and through cognitive diversity.

This use of the cognitive diversity model sets Caesars apart as a leader in best diversity and inclusion practices. If you are a diverse business owner and are interested in doing business with the casino, please visit our Suppliers & Vendors, Design & Construction, or Frequently Asked Questions pages.


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