• Competitive pricing
  • Ability to meet specifications and standards
  • Product and service quality
  • Product yields and durability (food)
  • Reliable delivery methods
  • Quality control methods and practices
  • Technical abilities and leadership
  • Ability to provide niche or unique product offering and/or design concept
  • Financial stability & credit strength
  • Compatibility with existing products
  • Adequate distribution/warehousing facilities and resources
  • Spare parts availability
  • Warranty, insurance, and bonding provisions
  • Proven performance and experience (quality references in and out of casino industry preferred)
  • Sales/service support resources available during prime hours of a casino business
  • Ability to be licensed by the Ohio Casino Control Commission
  • Emphasis on diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Ohio-based business
Also see: Supplier Selection Criteria
3. What does "certification" mean?

Certification means your company's day-to-day operations and ownership structure has been reviewed by a third- party certifying agency and has been certified as a diverse business, (e.g. Small Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise, Woman Business Enterprise, etc.). For example, minority or woman ownership means that a woman or minority owns 51 percent of the company. Similar requirements exist for other certification classifications. Suppliers are responsible for acquiring and maintaining valid certification. Also see supplier certification information here. Also see supplier certification information here.

Also see: Vendors and Suppliers Questionnaire

4. Which third-party certifying agencies does Caesars recognize?
Caesars recognizes a number of agencies, including, but not limited to:
  • The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and its Regional affiliate councils.
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) – 8 (a) program, HUBZone program, Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).
  • Federal Government Agencies (ex. National Department of Transportation, Department of Veteran’s Affairs)
  • State Government Agencies (ex. Dept. of Transportation)
  • Local (county, city) Government Agencies
  • Women Business Owners Corporation (WBOC)
  • Women and Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse (WMBE)
  • Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

Also see: Supplier Certification

5. Can I work directly with Caesars local properties?
Yes. However, Caesars operates in several jurisdictions with differing procurement and certification requirements. Since each property must comply with its own jurisdiction's regulatory requirements, there will be variations within each local purchasing program. National contracts are not awarded at the local level.
6. How can I apply to be a Caesars/Horseshoe Casino Supplier?

Caesars will award contracts for the Horseshoe Casinos locally and will work with some of its national suppliers to support the casinos. Vendors and suppliers interested in providing their good or service to the casino should register at:

Vendors and Suppliers Questionnaire

7. Does Caesars do business with only large companies?
No. Caesars works with companies of all sizes, on a local, regional and national basis.
8. How often are contracts renewed?
Contract duration varies depending on the individual product or service. When a contract comes up for renewal, Caesars may invite qualified suppliers (who may or may not be registered in our supplier database) to participate in a bid opportunity. However, Caesars reserves the right to continue pre-existing relationships without conducting new bids.
9. What is your turn-around time on invoices?
Payment is usually made within 30 TO 45 days after an invoice has been received, and goods and services have been accepted.
10. I am a construction company/worker – who do I contact to get involved in the project?

As construction continues, we will need qualified design & construction companies to bring Horseshoe Cincinnati to life. It is a priority for Rock Ohio Caesars to provide equal opportunities for all construction and design companies.

Cincinnati Construction

The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce have been retained to help engage all local construction companies in the project. Please visit the African American Chamber of Commerce's casino website to learn about important construction dates.

If your company is interested in working on the project, please complete the Subcontractor Qualification Form.

11. What type of suppliers/vendors will the casino need?

This list is not all-inclusive, but is provided to potential suppliers as a representative sample of the different types of goods and services Caesars purchases.

Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Dry Goods, Produce, Frozen Products, Bakery Items, Canned Goods, Condiments Ethnic Foods, Specialty Items

Tea, Liquor, Wine, Beer, Water, Coffee, Juices

General Equipment, Machinery, and Supplies
Housekeeping, Office Supplies, Audio Visual, Sound & Lighting, Banquet, Computer & Peripherals, Security/Surveillance, Cell Phones, Marina, Signage, Restaurant

Gaming Equipment, Machinery, and Supplies
Slot Machines, Table Games, Casino Gaming, Slot & Table Signage

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Artwork, Carpeting, Drapery, Furniture, Glass/Mirror, Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings

Operating Inventories and Supplies
China, Glassware, Flatware, Linen, Uniforms, Cleaning Chemicals, Guest Room Amenities, F&B Disposables, Hotel Supplies, Kitchen Supplies

Maintenance & Repair Supplies, Tools, Heavy Equipment

Accessories, Apparel, Art, Cosmetics/Fragrances, Gifts, Jewelry, Lingerie, Logo Apparel, Clothing, Toys & Games, Shoes, Souvenirs, Gift/Specialty Items

Construction/Contracting- Architects, Engineers, General Contractors
General Services - Consulting, Staffing, Advertising, Printing, Repairs & Maintenance, Janitorial, Shipping & Freight

12. When will you select suppliers/vendors?
Vendors and suppliers are normally selected to enter the bid process at least 90 days in advance of the commencement of the good or service to the casino.
13. Will you give preference to MBE/WBE/SBE companies?
The inclusion of MBE/WBE/SBE firms is an important focus when identifying suppliers and vendors for procurement opportunities. However, certification does not guarantee the right to bid or receive a contract. Caesars seeks to give diverse firms equal opportunity in the procurement process, coupled with key components in the potential business partnership: pricing, quality, service and assurance of delivery. If an offer to bid is received, vendors & suppliers should respond thoroughly and promptly.
14. Will you give preference to local companies?
Caesars has a strong history of seeking out local, diverse, and small businesses in its host communities. This investment helps to develop local businesses, leading to a stronger and more viable local economy. Caesars will continue those initiatives in Ohio.